An easy drive from The Academy at Frisco is one of the most popular recreational sites in northwest Arkansas.

We are talking about Lake Fayetteville, and it is comprised of 458 acres of land surrounding 194 acres of water.

The lake's ready access and variety of habitats make it one of the area's premier bird watching destinations, and species that may be spotted include:

Gray Catbird

Gray catbirds are medium-sized creatures with long tails that they often hold down when perched. They display gray body feathers and a black cap and are often seen hopping from branch to branch through tangles of vegetation. Adults sing a variety of tunes including a raspy mew that sounds like a cat.

Yellow-bellied Sapsucker

Yellow-bellied sapsuckers are relatively small woodpeckers with stout, straight bills. These birds are black and white with boldly patterned faces and red foreheads. They are found in both conifer and hardwood forests where they drill shallow holes in tree bark in search of sugary sap, and when perched, they lean on their tail. Listen for their signature scratchy nasal mewing call that is often repeated.

Winter Wrens

Winter wrens are charming, plump birds that feature brown feathers with darker brown barring on the wings, tail, and underparts. They are energetic and often move through the understory like a mouse. These birds use deciduous and evergreen forests, and when in flight, they rapidly beat their tiny wings to fly short distances between cover. Males are noisy, and they entertain birdwatchers with a single cascading, bubbling song that lasts approximately five to ten seconds.

Lake Fayetteville is just one of the many outdoor attractions near our apartment community. If you are searching for a place to call home, please contact us to schedule a tour where we can show you our amenities firsthand.