Are you a taco fan? Do you love the crunch, flavor, and variety that comes with eating these delicious pockets of Mexican goodness? If so, then be sure to add these Fayetteville taco destinations to your culinary bucket list.

Tacos 4 Life

Fans come for the queso but stay for their flavorful taco offerings. They have a diverse menu that will require several trips to try every style and flavor. Everything from the spicy chorizo to the fried chicken taco is simply the best. Did we mention Tacos 4 Life donates a meal to a child in need with every meal bought? With bold flavors and good intentions, this local gem is a must-try.

Mr. Taco Loco

Head over to Mr. Taco Loco and grab your $0.99 tacos on Taco Tuesday. Then go back throughout the week and try something new like the Loco special. It's an asado, chorizo, and chicken dish that will have you saying, ole!

Mango's Gourmet Taco Shop

This taco shop is fairly new to the scene and promises healthy, made-from-scratch culinary delights. Tacos, burritos, chimichangas, and enchiladas get the party started and are all surprisingly affordable. Delight in a side of queso and chips for only $3.00 and then move onto the tacos which are just $3.00 as well.

Sarito's Tacos

This one is a definite hit with students. Complimentary homemade chips and salsa are served while you wait for your order. The food is made fresh and the horchata is just right. If you're a lover of mariscos, be sure to try their signature shrimp taco.

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