Volunteering is not only a great way to provide a helping hand, it is also an opportunity to get involved in the community. Taking time from a hectic schedule of school, work, and family obligations can be hard, but it is also rewarding to help make a difference. Whether it be for a special event or on a regular basis, there are many organizations in the Fayetteville area that need help. Here are a few worth exploring:

Habitat for Humanity Washington County

Established in 1991, Habitat for Humanity Washington County is part of one the country's most renowned charity organizations. With a mission to provide housing to as many community members as possible, Habitat for Humanity Washington County relies on volunteers to help build and restore homes. There are numerous ways to help including at on-site builds, working in the office, or supporting the organization at their ReSTORE donation centers.

Humane Society of the Ozarks

Created to help as many animals as possible in Northwest Arkansas, the Humane Society of the Ozarks has been around since 1944. With a host of rescue programs, this organization relies on volunteers to help at special events and fundraisers as well as pet adoption days throughout the year. Volunteers are also needed to help with foster care and veterinary visits.

Jane B. Gearhart Full Circle Food Pantry

Located on the University of Arkansas campus, the Jane B. Gearhart Full Circle Food Pantry was established in 2011. Organized by students, this food pantry was created to help students who struggle with getting their nutritional needs met. Volunteers are needed during the year to help with all facets of the organization including garden volunteers, express drivers, and data leaders.

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