Not far from The Academy at Frisco is a destination that encourages visitors to take a 14,000-year journey through America's past.

We're talking about theĀ Museum of Native American History, and it strives to acquire, preserve, and study Native American artifacts and to educate future generations about the lives of the first Americans.

There are more than ten thousand artifacts on display, and exhibits include:


Known to modern scholars as the period of the Mound Builder, the Woodland Period was a prosperous time for ancient Americans. It's when cultures such as the Adena and Hopewell learned to build earthen and ceremonial mounds, and they also produced large varieties of maize and other crops. This exhibit features items such as woodland pipes, darts, and celts (non-grooved axes).


The Historic Period was from 1650 AD to 1900 AD, and this display tells the story of the first contact between the Native Americans and Europeans. Highlights include winter counts (calendars), headdresses, and intricate items made from seed beads.


Considered a time of agricultural, artistic, and population development for Native America, the Mississippian Period is when the Mississippian people produced a sizeable collection of pottery with the designs varying by region. The pieces featured expert craftsmanship, and this exhibit features pieces made by the major groups of this era: the Caddo, the Mississippian, and the Quapaw.


Known as the time of hunters and gathers, the Archaic Period is when people lived in small semi-permanent villages. The tribes gathered nuts and berries to include in their meals and developed the tools necessary for their constantly changing environment. Museum visitors will learn how they made these tools and about the items used in food processing.

The Museum of Native American History is just one of the cultural attractions near our apartment community. If you are searching for a place to live, pleaseĀ contact us. Our leasing agents would love to give you a tour.