Visit Dirty Apron BakeHouse for Fresh Bread

Whether you rely on a hearty sandwich to get you through the mid-day slump or want a sweet treat to soothe your spirits, not many things are better than fresh bread. The Dirty Apron BakeHouse is a top bakery near our apartments in Fayetteville that bakes fresh bread every day and specializes in naturally leavened sourdough loaves.


The process of making sourdough bread dates back centuries and involves using a "starter," made with yeast and flour, that is allowed to ferment over a period of days. According to The Dirty Apron BakeHouse website, they use a very specific process to make their naturally leavened sourdough bread that involves nineteenth-century French techniques. This results in a bread that is more flavorful than anything commercially produced, with a perfectly soft crumb and chewy crust.

Sourdough bread is not only super versatile but might actually contain certain health benefits as well. Slice into a loaf from The Dirty Apron BakeHouse and use the slices for the most delicious ham and cheese sandwich ever constructed, or slather it with butter for a decadent treat.


The bakers at The Dirty Apron BakeHouse offer a wide variety of specialty loaves as well, in addition to their signature sourdough. Enjoy the herby taste of their rosemary polenta loaf, the delightful spice of cinnamon raisin bread, the zing of jalapeno cheddar loaf, and much more! While the sourdough is made in-store every day, with no advance order required, they do ask that you call ahead two days in advance to order a specialty loaf. Learn more about their process and what makes The Dirty Apron Bakehouse so special when you visit their website!

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