Check Out These Fayetteville Spring Events

Spring has sprung! It's time to start getting excited for beautiful blooms, warm sunshine, and the many festivities that celebrate the season.

Here are a few events close to our apartments near University of Arkansas to add to your calendar:

Fayetteville Yoga Fest

The Fayetteville Yoga Fest offers three days of yoga classes to celebrate mindfulness and movement. Sessions will have live music, meditation, and group hikes.  This spring's event will take place at the Mount Sequoyah Retreat Center in what is expected to be a lively occasion.

Arkansas is poised to have Gina Caputo back for the festival. Besides, a select group of eminent teachers from the locality and beyond will conduct yoga classes. A lot of emphasis on style and different levels of yoga characterizes this year's event. True to past successes, expect an educational, inspirational, and fulfilling exercise to guide you in relating to self and the surrounding community.

Joe Martin Gran Fondo Cycling Event

Fayetteville features hundreds of miles of scenic hiking and biking trails. In the next Joe Martin Gran Fondo event on May 4th, amateur bikers will have an opportunity to experience a one-day cycling event on the same course as pro-biking athletes. Casual riders can enjoy the route, with action divided into portions to enhance biker experiences.   This year's event will introduce five new road routes in addition to two gravel grinder courses. Depending on the feel residents want of the race, options will range from 13 to 85 miles.

Today's lifestyle is all about options, and Fayetteville gives you as many as possible. Contact us to learn more about fun things to do in this historic city.