Get Your Game on Arkadia Retrocade

Fayetteville, Arkansas, recognized as one of the coolest small towns in America, is definitely one that is progressing to the trendier scene. Located in northwest Arkansas, in the heart of the Ozark mountains, Fayetteville is the home of historic neighborhoods, local music, fine arts, shopping, and a thriving local economy. Fayetteville really has something for everyone, especially if you like to have fun! If fun is what you're looking for and you have an "old soul", you have to check out Arkadia Retrocade located close to our apartments near University of Arkansas!

Arkadia Retrocade is basically a retro video arcade, but there is nothing basic about it! If you are a fan of the decade, you have to check out the blast from the past décor and nostalgic feel of this place. One 34-year-old customer described it as "the dream basement of her tween years". With walls lined with over 80 stand up arcade games, you'll be glad that this gamer's dream is a "pay one fee for unlimited play" kind of place. Even better that the fee is only $5! $5 to play all of your favorite games all day and as many times as you want! Take yourself back with classic games such as Asteroids, Congo Bongo, Donkey Kong, Double Dragon II, Pac-Man, Rampage, Street Fighter II, Tetris, and so many more! Also, the center of the space features and elevated deck with at least a half a dozen cocktail table games. Plus, a couch and bean bag area with a console TV for playing a rotation of vintage video game systems is available to complete your trip to the most rad decade ever!

Arkadia Retrocade also holds special events, such as birthday parties and game tournaments, often has deals and specials, and is very active on Facebook with information about their business. For more information about this location and surrounding businesses, contact us at The Academy at Frisco Fayetteville!