Where to Find Your Mediterranean Food Fix in Fayetteville

Flavorful hummus, fresh, soft pita bread, and authentic flavors from around the world are easy to find in Fayetteville, and we have a few recommendations for Mediterranean cuisine near our apartments near the University of Arkansas.


Located on College Avenue, Tangiers is doing middle eastern cuisine right. All of the flavors we love from the east are expertly served up in a warm and friendly atmosphere. It's a smaller place with the coziest feel, almost like you went to visit some Greek relatives. Among the local favorites here are the gyros and falafels, of which locals agree, they can't get enough.


Another great Greek option! With a menu full of favorites, you will find whatever you're craving here at Kosmos Greekafe! This family-owned establishment has plenty of seating and dependable, friendly staff. One of the menu favorites include the "Titan," which is a gyro stuffed with extra meat, feta cheese, tzatziki sauce, and fries! Their chicken soup is the perfect way to warm up, it's full of flavor with just the right amount of seasoning. For dessert, you can't beat their baklava and Greek coffee.


Taziki's is a restaurant that keeps your favorite food fresh and ready. After a trip to Greece, founders Amy and Keith Richards knew that their love for Mediterranean dishes had to be shared. In keeping with true Greek tradition, their pita bread is always fresh, and the salads are much better than average, filled with flavor and special touches like kalamata olives.  It's easy to eat a healthy meal at this cafe. They have several "feast" options so you can taste Greek seasoned chicken, lamb, beef, or shrimp. They also have a great salmon entree, it is perfectly seasoned and char-grilled.


This is the most convenient place to stop in for some Greek food while you're shopping at the mall. Little Greek Fresh Grill is a great place to find something fresh and flavorful, they even shave the lamb for your gyro right in front of you. This is probably the quickest way to get your Greek fix in Fayetteville, as it's a walk-up counter with quick preparation.

Greek and Mediterranean foods are plentiful in Fayetteville, it's just another perk of living in our apartment community. If you'd like to learn more about making the Academy at Frisco home, please contact us today.